Prior Work

I have worked for several companies since Soap Creative and much of that work was for internal development projects. For the few public exceptions please reference in my résumé.


Soap Creative

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - The Game (discontinued)

Video Section – English (US), rollover: French
The concept was a long scrolling page with a fixed UI at the top and bottom of the screen to which I created all the HTML and CSS to handle this layout. The page is over 6,000 pixels tall.

  • I used STURL, STF and Apache mod_rewrite for Clean URLs.
  • Localization in 5 regions. Handled by my own Simple Thing Framework.
  • Templar Templating Engine (my creation) used for page and dynamic content output.
  • YouTube integration. Site dynamically pulls video list from YouTube playlist.

Promo Section – English (US), rollover: Italian
PRIME DAYS Facebook promotion.

  • jQuery with easing used for page nav animation and all JavaScript.
  • I used the Conditional-CSS engine used for CSS3 and IE specific CSS optimization serving IE8 and IE7 their proprietary filters and IE9 and all other browsers CSS3 options.
  • I used special Conditional-CSS processing and my STF assets script for CSS and JavaScript file combining, minification, compression and caching.

Pre-Order Section – English (US), rollover: French
CSS Sprites used for loading and experience optimization.

Features Section – English (US), rollover: Italian

Characters Section – English (US), rollover: English (UK) with Megatron selected.

Screenshots Section – English (US), rollover: Image Popup

Legal Section – German, rollover: English (UK)

HeroHQ Facebook Tabs (discontinued)

Games Tab Top (discontinued)

Games Tab Bottom (discontinued)

Videos Tab (discontinued)

Video List (discontinued)

Corona Beach Getaway

Facebook Page Tab (discontinued)

Highscores (discontinued)

The Famous Group

The website to promote the movie.

E-Card system

Eternal Space (discontinued) / JN Media

Eternal Space - Home
I was the Tech Lead then Technical Manager for the project. I architected the sites frontend framework in Flex 3 (MXML and ActionScript 3.0).

Eternal Space - Memorial
I also did the prototyping for our backend development utilizing WebORB for PHP as the Flash Remoting solution that tied into our Sr. PHP Developers CAIN Framework.

LiveUniverse, Inc.
I created a custom video player and skin for use on this site.

CyberFlow Solutions

Unfortunately I am unable to share the majority of the work done at CyberFlow Solutions but I can say that I did create a Flash 8 sequencer that loads external modules (pages) as dictated by an XML file. A Singleton is used to collect form information in each module then submitted at the end of the sign-up sequence.

EVOK Interactive

Orlando Pools by Design
Lead Developer. I worked on the process page only.

Created an MVC (Model View Control) implementation to handle the multiple navigational elements of the process page. The spec required that as each section within the process page was selected the numbered section marker would expand and the dragbar marker, which was also an input element, would slide with easing to it's destination. To this end I created 3 view/control sets to handle the next and previous buttons, the dragbar itself and the slide display and numbered section markers.


Corpse Bride (discontinued)

Corpse Bride (Flash popup in Japanese)

I was the lead developer on the project overseeing site layout, framework configuration, navigation, etc.

Here I created 3D movement and collision classes to handle the eyeball's movement in 3 dimentional space. Note that the eyeball shrinks and darkens as it moves back and that the walls of the image affect the bounding box of the eyeball as well.

Marvel Mobile

Created navigation and framework layout for the initial site and new site being developed.

Created navigation and reused the ClickManager class from the Area-51 project to do the wallpaper section significantly reducing development time.


Used CSS to dynamicaly set the background image to always sit in the upper-right of the view window and place the age verification form elements without using tables.

Developed a ClickManager class to handle multiple sets of functions dynamically placed on a group of buttons. This allowed easy setup of the Video, Screenshots and Concept Art galleries.

Created XML parsing class for easy press updates via external XML document.

Created a rotation class that allows the weapons menu to rotate horizontally based on mouse position when the mouse was over the menu area.

Leisure Suite Larry - Magna Cum Laude

I created the Age Verification class with multiple options for age limits, fictitious dates and lockout times and conditions for lockout.

Here I created the Paint class and image redraw system for eCards so users creations could be linked to and shown to receivers of the eCards.